Some CITROËN AMI friends had a little "get together party" in Sorø without any invitation - but as a result of Per M.'s meeting with some Dutch people on a Shell Gasoline station.

And suddenly an AMI 6 from Holland, an AMI 8 Super from France, one 2CV from England met with an AMI 8 and an AMI 6 from Denmark on a camping ground in the middle of Zeeland.



The "dutch" AMI6 - the french AMI 8 Super - the "danish" AMI6
(all the cars are french - I know)


Nice cars at a nice place..


Oh what a evening..


Per M. - Régis Mayan - Otto - Christa


The english 2CV




Five nice CITROËNs


The special look of the AMI 6.

You can see more about the AMI 8 Super by visiting Régis Mayan's homepage at



Klubben hvor der sker noget!


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